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[ Jan 15th ]14 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Replica Watches

Some older watch enthusiasts have different criteria for buying watches from the general public. The first consideration when purchasing a watch for the average person is cost-effectiveness. Still, for older watch enthusiasts, appreciation and play are essential points and worth the future collection, so look at this watch's value from many aspects when buying.

Four Factors Affecting Form Replica Watches Purchase

1. Historical and cultural background

The watches used as a collection and the influence of history cannot underestimate. After all, much of the watch design concept stems from historical exploration and transformation. Historical background has always been one of the main drivers of watch sales. After all, people like to hear good stories. In what era of brand history is this part? Which milestone does it show? Where is the clock going? Who wore it?

2. Excellent artistry and innovation

Craftsmanship is one of the most critical factors in upgrading mass products to luxury products (artwork). Design is the use of human resources and technology to improve all aspects of the watch's performance and functionality. It is also a difficult task for the watch industry. The development of a successful watch based on both craftsmanship and innovation, and both are inseparable. If there is only craftsmanship without design, the footprint will remain in the past. If there is only innovation and you lose the inherited craftsmanship, then this watch has no soul.

3. Design and visual appeal

An item's appearance is one of the first factors that most directly affect choice, so the importance of attractiveness through design and vision cannot be underestimated. It is also a factor that facilitates the selection of new watch enthusiasts and experienced collectors. Well-designed watches are often comfortable to catch the watch's attention and understand this watch's value. You can also see the watchmaker's exquisite craftsmanship in its sophisticated design.

4. Status and recognition

Today, most mechanical watches and watches fall into the "luxury" category. Its position and glory in the world of watches are inevitable. For instance, certain watch brands' popularity is partly due to the status brought about by inherited craftsmanship and history. They are recognized by the public through good marketing and are considered a symbol of wealth and success. From the Shanghai Watch's birth in 1955 to Prime Minister Zhou Enlai's lifelong "queen" watch to attending today's major watch exhibitions, public perception of the brand naturally conveys through words a symbol of success. Is done. From the mouth.

Of course, everyone has several factors when choosing an copy watch. Each watch has its unique charm and personality that draws people's attention. Whether it's craftsmanship, design, beauty, or your brand background, there is always one factor that attracts you.

Watches replica nine reasons why there are too many clock errors to escape

There is an error in the clock. Especially for mechanical watches where the error is outside the normal range. You can find and solve yourself by comparing the following reasons:

1. Impact of swing

    The density of the zentai directly affects the amplitude of the balance, which affects the isochronous performance of mechanical watches. So-called "isochronous" refers to the phenomenon where the vibration amplitude of a vibrating object does not affect the vibration cycle. Still, the whisker system of a mechanical watch does not vibrate freely. Frequent collisions and conflicts with escapement components. Since this is a "forced + free" composite vibration state, it will be affected by escape. The magnitude of the momentum transfer moment determines the extent of the sweep and the time it takes to have a relationship. Of course, the shorter, the better.

2.Effect of position changes

    The main change of position is the change of the plane and the vertical plane. There are two planes (surface up and surface down) and only three heights (they are: crown down, crown left, crown up). The right direction does not happen when it worn normally, so there are five positions in total. Changing the position first changes the friction surface of the balance wheel, the friction surface increases. The balance wheel's balance becomes clearer and more pronounced under the action of gravity, and another moment acts on the rapidly swinging pendulum. The gravity effect of the coil spring on the wheel causes the oscillation period of the watch balance'sbalance's coil spring system to be affected by different towers in each position.

3. Effect of the speed of the hairspring

Most mechanical watches have a fast and slow clip. The function of the fast and slow clip is to facilitate the correction of time accuracy. However, as there is a gap between the fast and slow clip and the hairspring, its existence is greatly ruined. The isochronism of mechanical watches also increases the misalignment of mechanical watches.

4. Impact of shocks and vibrations

 Violent shocks also affect the balance wheel's vibration period, especially for low or low-frequency mechanical watches. The strong shock vibration hitting the end of the balance shaft or the hairspring will inevitably lead to the mechanical clock—travel time error.

5.The effect of the magnetic field

    Many parts of a watch's mechanical movement made of steel, which facilitates magnetization, such as nickel-based hair growth, which has weak magnetic properties. The vibrational rotation of the balance wheel is very large under the influence of an external magnetic field or when a part of it is magnetized. These are disturbed by magnetic forces, and mechanical watches usually move very fast.

6. Effect of temperature variations

Temperature changes also change the geometric dimensions of the container and the hair follicles. Any small change in these key components will directly affect the duration of the oscillation, and the temperature will also change the viscosity of the oil, thus changing the mechanical gauge for torque and pitch transmission.

7. Low battery

If the watch suddenly detects that it is running slowly, it probably caused by an insufficient battery charge. You can send the watch to an authorized service point to check the voltage.

8. Insufficient power reserve

You have to check if the power is sufficient. If the running rate of the automatic watch is low, the power reserve may not be sufficient. You can complete the power using the manual winding, then check if the speed continues.

9. Other factors

    The main reason is that the replica watch mechanical watch case is not well sealed, so humidity and air pressure changes will affect the mechanical watch. It is easy for dust and foreign objects to enter the watch and affect the work—mechanical watch. There is also a problem called "no needle," which is a malfunction of the watch.

Set the best time factor of a mechanical clone watch

When the accumulation of mechanical clock errors is great, we have to adjust the time ourselves. During correspondence, keep the following three points in mind:

       1. Please do not adjust the date between 22: 00-2: 00 (some watches from 20: 00-4: 00), as it may damage the watch and incorrectly skip the calendar. In other words, the mechanical clock workshop in the afternoon suggests that everyone try to set the time during the day.

       2. Different watch styles have different tuning methods, but when pairing a watch with a calendar function, morning and afternoon factors need to consider.

       3. To extend the watch's life, many watches adopt a slow jump method, which is a gradual jump around midnight. It is normal to complete the jump before 2:00 am, and some clocks are completed by 4:00 pm.
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