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[ Dec 11th ]Relica watch——Write comments on the timeline, taste Baume & Mercier Creighton series Baumatic Observ

As a well-known watch brand in Switzerland, Baume & Mercier have always followed the principle of "aesthetics" and only produce high-quality watches. The Creighton watch, which is very symbolic of the brand, is the best highlight. This year, the Crayton Boumatics series has added another masterpiece that combines exquisite design with professional watchmaking and has released three excellent timelines. The date we want to cherish with you is the date shown in COSC magazine. (View Model: M0A10550)

The classic men's watches, Clinton Baumatic, are inspired by the watches that caught people's attention in the golden fifties and embodied the deep history of Baume & Mercier and fine craftsmanship for almost 200 years. COSC showed this date. The timekeeping clock fully reflects the unique character of the brand.

The 40 mm stainless steel case, which made of polished and satin, is light in color and medium in size, so most people have no pressure to wear it. The watch adopts the Crayton series's symbolic sleek design. The step-by-step structure of the trim and holster has a layered appearance and a strong aesthetic brand.

The main feature of the watch is the telephone, which has a bright color in the center and a darker shade of gray towards the coast. The mixed design is impressive.Slowly, the gray phone has a special light and shadow effect, which is different from the usual clock color. Introduces a high-quality modern style. The phone has a large date window at 3 o'clock, which combines the classic extensive three-handed functionality to meet the needs of daily life quickly. The watch is officially recognized by the Swiss Observatory, with a fine, white cross-center in the middle of the disc, representing clarity and functionality, which makes the watch immediately noticeable.

The gray dialogue gradually decorated with trapezoidal floating clock symbols and fair alpha-shaped hands, with sharp edges, corners, and corresponding tones.

The crown on the side of the replica brand watches engraved with the Baume & Mercier LOGO pattern that combines the brand's brand with all the details. The crown is also designed with a crooked neck and makes it easier to grasp when setting and dressing the experience as a priority.

Baume & Mercier will see the replica online shopping with a tripod belt with a blue leather belt in alligator size. The front embroidered in the same color as the belt, and the back and straps are complete. The genius is red, following the overall style of the watch, elegant and low-key.

It is worth mentioning that the hourglass belts' reliable sliding bows create rapid-fire and replaced them without weapons.

To meet different audiences' needs, Baume & Mercier also chooses a more formal stainless steel bracelet than a leather belt.

The replica online stores watch has a straightforward back design, seen in the elegant movement of the sapphire crystal glass cover. The ventilation bridge refined with circular motifs, sanded with ground worm motifs, and the hollow ring decorated with gemstones. All the slave-shaped decorative patterns include the complex features of the stars.

The branded Baumatic BM13 self-movement movement can provide five days of battery life. Its accuracy is -4 / + 6. As we all know, the magnetic field is also an essential factor affecting the watch's accuracy. The 1,500 high-performance magnetic resistance of the movement is useful for all magnetic fields in daily life. Can withstand. The look also uses cosmetics with a recommended maintenance life of 5-7 years, but the traditional look is only three years old and has a strong performance.

Conclusion: The Baume & Mercier brand introduced the old for the new and gave us such a timeline full of modern flavors and elegant style. Whether it's a unique design or satisfactory quality, Baume & Mercier's excellence perfectly demonstrated. Judging by the price, he was full of honesty.
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