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[ Jun 19th ]Uncover the mystery of the material and movement of the replica watch

Recently, an old customer told us that the quality of the watch bought from a certain website was very poor.
This is because most people do not understand the material, movement, price, etc. of imitation brand watches. This article will reveal the tricks in the imitation brand watch industry to prevent more people from being deceived by unscrupulous merchants. If you are a fan of imitation brand watches, please bookmark us and we will update more articles about imitation brand watches.

There are many kinds of imitation watch materials, including copper case, 316 stainless steel, 904L stainless steel.
Copper case: poor quality, it is easy to tell from the appearance that it is a fake watch, the price: $50 - $90.
316 stainless steel: the appearance is similar to the original product, and the price is $120 - $200 US.
904L stainless steel: special material for Swiss machines, price: more than $400.

The movement is divided into Asian movement and Swiss movement.

Asian movements are divided into three grades: A grade: the worst quality, the watch is inaccurate. Generally equipped on the copper shell machine. Grade AA: The quality is average and there are many problems. AAA level: The quality is better, the time difference is between 0-5 minutes within 24 hours.

Swiss automatic movement: (movement model: 2824, 2836, 2892, 3135, 7750)
1: Swiss movement replica watches, priced at more than $400.
2: Fake Swiss movement: the price is $250 - $300.
Many merchants will send fake Swiss watches to buyers. Please get to know the merchants before buying Swiss replica watches.
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