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[ Mar 31th ]5 Fake Rolex Hacks You Need to Know Now

Rolex is one of the famous brands in China, and it is a fake brand. According to World Wide Web market research reports, Rolex is at the top of the weak watch list. The main trick is how to distinguish the authenticity of a Rolex.

Great Rolex replica should also guarantee, first of all, research: Understand everything about watches and retailers. Ideally, you want to keep the card for the watch you want to sell. You need to specify which model you want to purchase, and each component should be available (from the bracelet to the serial number), and you need to understand the price. The serial number is the essential Rolex logo for every Rolex watch. Traditionally, you would find it engraved between the keys at the top of the casing, although on modern eyes, it engraved on the case at 6 p.m. The metal should be cut clear and deep and should not look as shallow or "hoarse" as on some forgings.

There are a large number of counterfeits in all types of Rolex watches. Each fake has its uniqueness and irregularities that can be found by experts. Among the most common fake watches are Datejust, Submariner, Yacht-Master, and Oyster Perpetual - as well as another popular series we want to see now: Rolex Cosmograph Daytona.

The second trick is to find feelings. Wear a watch on your wrist. The right watch belt is firmly attached, and the wrist can move freely, the bracelet has no edges and corners, so it is smooth and does not hurt people. The fake watch strap is not flexible enough, it not only restricts the movement of the wrist, but the finely polished bracelet can also be sharper and even irritate your hands.

The third trick is the weight. Real watches are made of precious materials, especially 18K gold and platinum. It is much easier to lie. Some counterfeit watches include copper rings or enough iron parts. In this case, you should gently shake your gaze to your ears in a quiet place and hear the sound of a half-collision in a fake watch. The exact time is not displayed because it is closed.

The fourth method is to check the activity. The Rolex movement is also popular with the amateur Glockenspiel's sound: holding the clock next to your ear and listening for a few seconds, the ringing ring becomes a regular ringing tone. However, the best way to detect hypocrisy is to regulate this behavior. You should seek professional help to prevent accidental vision. The wonderful truth is that Fake Rolex has its folder, unusual behavior, and the most commonly used ETA action.

Rolex "Birth Certificate"

The fifth track is to look at "Birth Papers." The real "birth paper" has a transparent shadow. The manufacturer number and model of the watch on the "birth certificate" are the same as on the ear. There are five numbers on Rolex: (1) body model, (2) watch production serial number, (3) movement number, (4) movement production serial number, and (5) belt number. After 2007, Rolex completely changed plastic cards as an international warranty certificate, known as the global "guarantee card".
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