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[ Jan 06th ]Aaa Oyster Perpetual Rolex Sky Dweller Replica Are Getting Good

"Most Complex to Easiest" Leonardo da Vinci's acclaimed series embodies the spirit of the Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller. This classic and eye-catching timepiece specially designed for those on the move. To the world, not only with unique designs But also the perfect combination of superior technology and simple handling.

Its display function reflects the Sky-Dweller's simplicity and elegance, be it for movement or daily use.

Rolex Sky Dweller Replica provides the information they need to travelers worldwide in a new way, making it easy to understand when on the move. The watch function consists of two-time zone displays, each with a central pointer showing the local time, a 24-hour off-axis dial to show moving time. Yearly Calendar Function, The annual calendar system called Saros automatically distinguishes between 30 days and 31 days, and Ring Command rotates the outer ring. It is a simple operation interface, convenient for users to Setting the functions of the watch.

Following innovation and invention, Rolex Sky Dweller Replica has compiled 11 patents that showcase Rolex's superior technology, comprised of critical categories such as reliability and precision, ergonomics, and waterproofing performance.

Straightforward and easy to read

Oyster Perpetual  Rolex sky dweller replica includes two-time frames that are easy to read and use. This clock can display two-time frames at the same time. The main font shows the local time, the axis dial shows the flight time, andSky-Dweller reads accurately and uniquely. Allows users to set the time required during a trip related to travel time, such as home time or full time. Let's say you live in Geneva and want to go to New York. Departure time is Geneva time, and local time is New York time.

The middle needle indicates the local time.

The local time indicated by the regular hour, minute, and middle second hand. The hour hand adjusted independently. It can move clockwise or counterclockwise in one-hour units, so you can easily change the time, and the minute and second hands are not affected when setting the local time. Also, the watch does not stop working during the setting so that the time can be kept precisely.

The disc of the axis indicates the time of departure.

Passengers can read the time in the second time zone, leaving the off-axis dial on the instrument panel. A solid red inverted triangle indicates the time the user left. This 24-hour display panel can clearly distinguish day and night in the time zone of the departure location. (Split 22:00 or 10:00, for example) The user knows if he or she is entitled to talk to his or her relatives and friends later in life.

Local time and date change

Dates vary according to the user's local time and completed in milliseconds at midnight. Therefore, the date displayed in the small window is always the date that the user.

Salo Calendar

The Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller Replica features an innovative annual calendar display, making this sophisticated watch accessory extraordinarily rugged and reliable. And it's all due to an ingenious and simple design. The log function activated with four additional gears. The Saros patent system's name comes from an astronomical phenomenon known as the "Saros Cycle," which is the cycle that governs solar and lunar eclipses.

The Sky-Dollar annual calendar can automatically distinguish between 30-day short months and 31-day large months and display the date correctly all year round, except that every March 1 needs to be adjusted once as February is only 28 or 29 days old. It is convenient for the person wearing the annual calendar and does not require the calendar to be adjusted several times a year.

Calendar window

The months of the year are presented by phone with 12 overtime boxes: January 1, February 2, and more. Strong and sharp colors characterize the current month.

Intelligent system

Rolex's Salo system's ingenuity is not only that it can distinguish a 31-day large moon from a 30-day small moon, but it can also display the date correctly, and the program is simple. This smart mechanical device only adds four gears and two gears to the quick jump calendar standard on Rolex watches. It's effortless, but it does ensure that the calendar function is durable and incomparable.

The word salo comes from Greek and has used since ancient times. Refers to the solar and lunar eclipse cycles. Every 18 years, the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned. The entire Sky-Dowler system is based on the same principles. At the end of the month, his runs are in a different order and return to the appropriate position at the end of the annual cycle.

Planetary gear and satellite gear

Sky-Dowler's Salo Calendar System based on planetary gears mounted in the center of the movement. The satellite gears, which linked to the planetary gears, rotate around the planetary gears on a 30-day cycle. The satellite gear driven by the connected calendar dial and turns at the same time. This satellite gear has four teeth representing 30 days of four days each (i.e., April, June, September, and November).

Instant Jump calendar double jump mechanism

By accurately calculating the ratio between the satellite gear and planetary gear, one of the satellite gear teeth will be additionally pushed out by the date conversion device before the 30-day month comes, allowing the calendar dial to jump two times. Milliseconds in a row display the correct date (i.e., from the 30th to the 1st of the next month). This accessory device will not activate until the last day of the 31-day big moon, and the calendar will move forward as usual.

Ringing command Outer ring

The Oyster Peripheral Sky-Dowler ring equipped with a rotating outer ring command. Users can conveniently use this innovative, patented technical interface between the movements and the case to adjust the watch's functions easily.

Easy to operate interface

The Ring Command system provides the wearer with a simple interface to operate the watch. When you relax and pull out the crown to the first click, the whole system starts working automatically. The rotating outer ring can used as a function selector switch, rotate counterclockwise to three different positions, each position is 30 degrees apart. When turned towards each grille, the small spring ball slides into the groove. Turn the crown to place each function, and each position function has a corresponding adjustment. The wearer only needs to adjust the outer ring's position and change various related tasks. Adjust the date and month in the first frame. The second step adjusts the local time. This setting changes as the journey enters different time zones. The hour hand advances one degree every hour until the new time is displayed. The third and final grid used to adjust the departure time and activate the off-axis dial and minute hand. At this point, the timepiece will stop working, making the watch settings accurate to the second.

Advanced precision engineering

Various technological developments have made this system easy to operate, fully functional, and reliable. Rolex has its factory and can develop and produce multiple parts itself so that the outer ring and the timepiece can communicate with each other for an unprecedented time. A vertical axis is placed on the side of the middle housing to make the two work together. Both ends of the vertical axis have transformers. The top Maltese cross converter powered by the pin on the outer ring that rotates to rotate the vertical axis 1/4 turn at any adjustment position. The lower standard cross transducer engages the function controller in motion but protrudes slightly from the edge. This detailed assembly consists of more than 50 parts, including two selected stacked cameras that power three different sets of tuning gear trains, all of which are functionally responsible. Depending on the outer ring and spiral crown's location, the cam and control stick activate different settings.

Best ergonomics

The perfect and reliable Ring Command system can eliminate erroneous operations, making installations easy and accurate. The unique triangular pool pattern allows the wearer to grip the outer ring easily. The final challenge is to secure the Oyster watch's famous waterproof performance when the case has moving parts. To that end, Rolex engineers added rubber rings to both ends of the vertical axis of the center case and screwed the back and the rubber crown rings together to make the Sky-Dweller. Like other watches in the Oyster series, it can be completely waterproof. Impurities such as dust will not affect it.

Elegant triangular outer ring with wick pattern

Replica rolex sky dweller also has a triangular wick-shaped outer ring that symbolizes the Rolex brand. Like the Oyster models represented by the Datejust or Day-Date, rolex sky dweller replica for sale has also become a premium symbol of eternal nobility and elegance.
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