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[ Mar 16th ]After Sales Question Regarding Replica Watches

After-sales service has always been the most serious problem in replica watches. 90% of customers have experienced after-sales problems: cold attitude, even bad. More seriously, the website was closed and the merchant could not be contacted.

Here we particularly emphasize our quality inspection, which is the only effective way to reduce after-sales. We have always viewed quality as our lifeline. So many old customers choose us because of our excellent service.

Our quality inspection is very serious.
Even if we have only a 1% chance that the small defect is not detected, the customer receives a 100% defective replica watch! Therefore, we have a dedicated quality inspector who carefully inspects and takes photos under a strong light to retain defective data.

Our quality inspection will eliminate 99% of defects.
For example, color, scale, font, and calendar are subjective and controversial issues. For literal dust, hair, small scratches on the hidden parts of the watch, or minor scratches on the case, we will deal with it or replace it with a new one before shipping.

I believe many people have visited many watch websites, Facebook, etc. But we need to remind that some replica watch websites ignore the quality inspection and ship directly, and some websites let the factory deliver goods without quality inspection at all.

Although we are confident that our quality inspection standards have exceeded 99% of merchants, there are still unavoidable problems, such as bumpy long-distance transportation or problems falling from heights.

Do not worry! We have perfect after-sale, if you have any questions, you can return. Our after-sales policy is to ask you to check the appearance and function of the watch before receiving it. If there are any problems, you can return or exchange it.
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