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[ Dec 18th ]Collect These antiquated aaa replica rolex considered.

Rolex watches in the watch market can broadly fall into two categories. One is an old/vintage watch that has been in production for over 20 years, and the other is a modern model that is still on the market but is a big category. Among them, a watch made in a relatively modern age has discontinued. This watch's condition is a bit embarrassing; that is, it cannot considered an old clock and the market has replaced with the old one. It means that the father does not hurt and the mother does not love. Of course not. The clock is not good. Currently, collectors in the used watch recycling market are still interested in this type of Rolex watch, so the used market is growing year by year, so if you play used looks, we will recall the following. It is a reference target worth paying attention to in the coming years.

GMT Master II 16710

Over the past few years, the Steelshell GMT Master II has almost completed a generational shift project, including replacing the ceramic rings and changing the movement to the 32 Series. Therefore, the original aluminum ring equipped with a GMT 3185 or 3186 mechanism. -Master II has also discontinued. Speaking of 16710, there are black frames, Pepsi rings (blue/red frames), and cola rings (red and black frames). Of course, the original Pepsi ring is the most popular. As for the understated black bezels of the three models, the market is always lagging. The demand for the 16710 fake rolex markets has grown like a helicopter in recent years. rolex replica known that between 2016 and 2017, its prices quadrupled from $ 4,500 to $ 6,500 and from $ 10,000 to $ 12,000 in a short time. In Doha, you can see that collectors have this dated style.

Rolex replica Submariner 16610LV

Before introducing Green Water Ghost 116610LV, which had a ceramic bezel and turned green on the surface, its predecessor, the 16610LV, was also a typical water spirit. Rolex introduced this black in 2003 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Water Ghost series. The green circle style is easily recognizable by the black 16610LN. There were multiple versions of the 16610LN before and after. Among them is the performance of Flat Head 4 called "Flat 4," which has an increased recovery value due to its rarity. The so-called Flathead 4 refers to the frame number "40". The flathead 4 confirms the shape of the upper edge of the number 4 because the scale is trapezoidal inside letter 4, and the other versions of the note 4 are triangular. The small number of 4 flatheads is because some owners of 4 flat head watches may see the bezel almost scratched and take it back to the original factory for repair. Because it's there. As a result, the brand has not replaced the new bezel that Flathead 4. has become a four-shaped end due to the frame with a triangular interior. You don’t have to change. It affects the amount of money collected in the watch. Even if you replace it with the original factory part, the watch will look like it was updated. After all, the second watch retains its original touch. By changing positions, you get fewer points.

Sea-Dweller Ceramic 40 mm 116600

This sailor's production cycle is concise. In 2014, Rolex released the 116600 with a ceramic bezel. He started arriving in 2015. In 2017, the 126600 models introduced with a single red letter, so 116600 was launched in just three years. The discontinued 116600 has very few glossy aftermarket versions. Their collection value is higher than ordinary matte surfaces, but the price of 116,600 is rising rapidly. The used price of this 116,600 is around $ 9,500, but if you sell the same watch today, the market price could go up to $ 13,000 - that's the third year lifted, and future costs will be more beautiful. There is a possibility.
These three cheap rolex watches are neither advanced nor modern, but their popularity continues to grow. It is possibly related to unique, rare, and right conditions. Collecting them is not a waste. If watchkeeping is your hobby, you can consider these models.
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