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[ Feb 18th ]Elegant Fake Rolex Cellini Essentials For Sale

More and more young fashionistas have respected Rolex in recent years. Be it a Daytona cosmographer, or a yacht master, and so on. They have also become expensive in the fashion industry because of their distinctive-looking designs.

Rolex dive watches are the trend in the fashion industry and are also very popular among young people. Among the many Rolex series, there is one that seems a little too clear. Responding to the ever-emerging dive watches, it's the "home" of Rolex. It is the Rolex Cellini series.

Cellini must be the only serious clothing series in the rolex replica series. And in the selection of names, this series seems to have a more historical and heavy structure.

The Replica Rolex Cellini series comes from an Italian Renaissance goldsmith, painter, sculptor, warrior and musician in history. Rolex pays homage to Benvenuto Cellini. He created a range of watches with the name of this versatile instrument.

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Rolex cellini replica has highly praised the most beautiful celebrities such as the Pope of Rome, the Grand Duke of Florence, and the King of France. As an artist, he is a representative figure of the decorative school in Mannerist sculpture. He was also the only artist to promote heroic restoration in sculptures.

The same name, published by Rolex, is also a famous product of the hour. And this series of watches have a unique formal style and an elegant temperament. Belts, precious metals, generous and straightforward design and simple and practical functions, etc. These are the characteristics of the official ore, but also the characteristics of Cellini.

As a Rolex member, Cellini will have something different from other watch brands 

Not only does it have the elegance of a traditional dress watch, but it also has the very DNA of Rolex. Rolex's Cellini series has also announced new members at the Basel Origin Fair.

All the new watches released this time around are classic models like the 50505 rose gold model, which has a simple dial and cancels out the Roman numerals.

The 50509 white gold version and the black and white gold version also demonstrate the elegance of Rolex. The current price of these two models is about 110,000 RMB. In terms of price, they are already in the top circle.

Whether it's the platinum blue model or the black model in rose gold, the 50519 is also a personal favorite, a more classic design. A date window rarely appears in the Rolex Cellini series. A model with a data function generally conceived as a small quadrant.

The red gold version of the 50525 brown disks has the same date function as the 50519. However, in conception, the date display function of the 50525 is located at the six-hour position.

The Rolex Cellini watches also feature the Rolex design style

While this series is not a member of the Oyster concept, it still has a screw-like backlight concept. The design of the case also includes a structure similar to a nail ring. In the crown's creation, the Cellini crown is an onion design that makes the watch more retro and elegant.

The success of Rolex is mainly due to the dive watch. In modern times the Rolex dive watch has become the favorite of fashionistas. Replica cellini rolex, the model of retro formal wear in the Rolex series, showed everyone the elegant side of Rolex.
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