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[ Mar 29th ]Learn about replica watches from high end to under $100, even under $50

The main purpose of buying replica watches is to decorate yourself. What is the general attitude of buying a replica watch for the first time? Think you're wearing fakes, no! You can't think so. High-quality replica watches, which look just like the original.

Buying a replica watch is based on your income. You should first find one that you can only take out. Generally, a replica of a genuine watch with 3 to 5 months income is enough. Then choose your favorite brand or style. You also have to understand the classification of imitation tables. They are divided into the following categories:

1: This type of imitation watch is mainly made for people who have the ability to consume.

The price is similar to the real watch. These watches can withstand the inspection of the watchmaker. Some or even all parts or cases in the watch are authentic. These watches are often produced by independent Swiss watchmakers, so the quality is quite high. Strictly speaking, this type is not a fake watch, but they must be different from the real watch, and the price is extremely high, generally about 70% of the real watch. Therefore, some international watch collectors will ask private watchmakers to customize it for themselves in order to improve their collections. The price is extremely expensive!

2: This category we call Super A, it faces watch enthusiasts who have a certain understanding of watches and also like to watch. The characteristics of this watch are that there is no problem in the material and workmanship of the watch. The focus is on the Swiss movement. The movement of this watch is not different from the original watch in function and will not shrink in function. However, for cost reasons, an unpolished version of the same movement or a lower-grade movement with the same function may be used.

3: This type of imitation watch accounts for the vast majority of the current imitation watch market. This type of watch is characterized by a wide range of products from various brands, from high-end Richard Mille replica to low-end brands. As long as you know the style, basic It can meet all your requirements. Of course, there are many types of movements. High-quality movements and poor movements often differ a lot. If you want to buy first, you need to determine whether it is sapphire glass. watches with sapphire glass, the movement is often not too bad.

4: This is a "toy watch", plastic movement, alloy copper shell, usually scrapped in a week. Normally priced under $50 - $100. I believe that friends with a little common sense will not buy such watches.

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