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[ Jan 18th ]Replica Watches: Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know

When you first buy a watch, most people choose it, admire it, and compare it to joy. Intoxicated by the aura of the best replica watches of famous and well-known brands, boasting the various benefits and benefits of sellers, indulging in great satisfaction and happiness while shopping, about what happens when xxx breaks. Few people think, do I want it? ?? Most people unknowingly switch to habitual thinking, so such an expensive Replica Watches shouldn't be too much of a problem, right? Shouldn't it break easily? Even if it breaks, there is a professional after-sales service.

Yes, this acclaim and fame ignore many issues after purchasing replica watches and the difficulty of wearing and maintaining replica watches. That's precisely why many friends get confused and frustrated when problems occur with replica watches after buying fake watch.

Watch maintenance is a science, and there are many tricks in the maintenance business. I will talk about it today.

What kind of watch maintenance do I need?

Currently, there are four significant types of watches on the market. Watches with a mechanical movement, analog watches with a quartz movement, watch with an LCD, and smartwatches. The LCD screen shows that the watch and smartwatch's repairable parts are minimal and do not include the concept of maintenance. Watches with a mechanical movement and analog watches with a quartz movement require regular maintenance.

Why do mechanical watches need maintenance?
The main reason is that there are mechanical parts. Traditional hand-wound mechanical watches consist of four main parts: the prime mover (the part of the mainspring) and the transmission (the gears mainly used to measure time-based on a particular gear ratio). I will. Vertical speed adjustment system (which is the heart of the watch. Components such as the balance wheel, balance wheel, pallet fork, and escape wheel are critical and determine the accuracy of the look), pointer display (wearer) Performs a take-up or time adjustment operation). Today, many eyes have a self-winding function, so self-winding systems have added to the four major networks.

Mechanical watches cannot work without lubrication.

A. From the point of view of the primary propulsion, the spring is an elastic element. Whether it is a stable oil or a traditional oil, it must lubricate, and the oil required in this part is heavy because the torque is large and can not quickly dissipate.
B. Part of the drive gear, according to the second wheel to the evacuation wheel, uses another table oil, usually closer to the mainspring part, the thicker the oil, and the evacuation wheel becomes thinner. The watch's dental profile belongs to an impressive range of looks: tooth shape, no need to lubricate between teeth.

Oil handle

C. At least two types of oils are required for the evacuation rate control part. One is a thin oil that can make a plastic balance wheel, and the other is a thicker oil that cannot be easily sprayed and used on a pallet fork. Sometimes the pallet fork and the evacuation wheel are also treated to prevent oil from spreading. The aim is to avoid light spraying of the oil, as all of the exhaust gases have impact processes such as bumps and falls.
D. For the hand display system, if it is too tight when the hand moves, this is due to the lack of oil in the hand display system or crown.
Of course, an automatic winding system also requires to watch oil. The amount of oil must be strictly controlled, especially for some traditional mechanical watches that use a ballless winding needed for lubrication. Automatic.

Optimal service interval

How often is the best time for a watch?

A. There are only two aspects to consider when servicing a mechanical watch: the case's tightness and the other is the movement's quality. The look, which does not have waterproof characteristics, quickly gets inside the direction of dust, water vapor, and other impurities. If fogging on the clock mirror, water vapor should removed on time. In principle, it is better to wash the oil. The service life of this type of watch is from 1 to 2 years.
B. For mechanical watches with waterproof characteristics, it depends on the quality of movement determined. In general, washing and maintaining oil for this type of look is 2-3 years. This period can be neither too short nor too long for a reasonable period.
C. For watches with new materials and new oils, it may be a little longer, and it is usually advisable to maintain it every 3-4 years.
Q. A watch with quartz pointers also needs maintenance. It is best to do this after replacing the battery 3 to 4 times.

The difference between maintenance and warranty

Maintenance and warranty are two different concepts. The watch's warranty is not equivalent to the service cycle of the look recommended by the brand but applies to the period of quality assurance of the clock from the date of sale. Eyes that meet warranty conditions in this range, such as warranty service, are available for any malfunction.
Here we ask most watch friends to set up a watch maintenance concept. When the watch damaged without maintenance for a long time, it can only repaired (a qualified person can send an after-sales warranty during the warranty period).
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