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[ Dec 17th ]Replica watches Oris is the last hour of diving

The new Oris AQUIS 400 diving watch uses the Oris 400 self-propelled movement.

 I want to tell you about this watch because I first bought an AQIS Dive Odyssey watch, and this time I launched a self-produced watch model, which is a comparison between old and new; Oris is a self-made watch that used as diving watches, and now this has finally happened.

  In fact, in 2014, Oris launched its campaign. The first action taken by Oris was the 110 movement, established in 2014, with a 10-day maneuver. A series of 110-hand motion-based models have developed.

Oris made its first self-produced 110 calibers in 2014 with a manual shake and a 10-day force.

  However, we can see that the aaa replica Oris 110 series, which has manual rotation and 10-day power, is, of course, a high-level move, as there are very few 10-day moves in the central hours of the market. In addition to the Oris 110 series, Patek Philip's 10-day manual work, 5100-year-old "Devil Fish"; Hublot's Big Bang MECA10 was a 10-day manual job. Generally, the movement is less than ten days. Patek Philip and Hublot's location and prices are a bit high, and among the most popular watches, Russia is the only 10-day power plant.

Russian 110 series action, manual tightening, power for ten days.

  The 110-day-old hand movement can only be used on some high-end models and is not suitable for regular watches. Therefore, the latest Oris 400 automatic movement will become the mainstay of the new generation Oris 400.

The new Oris AQUIS 400 diving watch (top) and the worn Oris 400 movement (bottom).

The new generation Oris 400 self-winding movement of Orishas the following technical advantages:

  1. The Oris 400 movement turned on for five days. Among the well-known watches of the same level (official price 20,000 yuan), the Oris 400 is a tiny 5-day self-winding movement. To achieve a 5-day force, the campaign uses silicone protective wheels and a silicone pallet fork that does not require lubrication, which increases the efficiency of movement (note that there is no silicone mustache). ). There are two zentai in motion, and zentai can release 85% of torque. General movement is usually 70%.

Oris 400 new self-winding movement Oris.

  2. The Oris 400 movement uses a new pin-type automatic rotor. Pin-type mechanical rotors such as Rolex 3135 and Blancpain 1315 automatic movement are very common and all pin type automatic rotors. The Oris 400 movement is unique to the Oris 400 movement, with a sliding friction clip on the pin in the rotor's center.

Oris 400 new self-winding movement Oris.

  3. The Oris 400 movement requires maintenance every ten years and backed by a 10-year warranty. Generally, well-known watches (mechanical watches) are recommended for use every five years and require maintenance. Although technology has improved, maintenance intervals improved, but care every ten years is rare (see the official brand recommended maintenance time). At the same time, Oris offers a 10-year warranty on Oris 400 movement watches. It is also impressive. Because Rolex and Omega have a five-year warranty. Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, etc., are equipped with an 8-year warranty.

Oris' new AQUIS 400 Divers watch uses the Oris 400 homebrew movement.

  Raw data includes Oris 400 self-winding movement, five-day force, 30mm movement measurement (in some cases 28mm), 4.75mm thickness, self-winding, 21 gem bearings, 28800 oscillation frequency per hour, 120 hours. Power (5 days). This movement contains 30 parts, such as a silicone ankle fork, a silicone protective wheel, and a wheel axle. Made of anti-magnetic material. This movement has a magnetic resistance capacity of 2250 gauss (the standard magnetic clock resistance is 60 gauss).

  best replica oris watches, like Longin, is positioned as a start-up to medium price watch. With the same clock movement level, you can see that the Oris 400 comes with five days of power and a 10-year warranty. It has a very comprehensive advantage in terms of technology and after-sales (Baumatic Baumatic self-winding movement also has a capacity of 5 days but has a shorter maintenance time and warranty than Oris 400).

Where was the first Oris diving watch with the Oris 400 automatic movement?

  Dive watches knockoff oris watches AQUIS 400 is the first Oris to use the new Oris 400 automatic movement. Many players are familiar with the AQUIS series diver's watches. It is the iconic and popular version of Oris.

New Oris AQUIS 400 Dive Watch

  The new Oris AQUIS 400 automatic movement of the new Oris 400 dive watches are identical to the previous Universal Motion watches. The 43.5 mm steel case is a standard size for diving watches, using a blue ceramic bezel. On the watch face, it is not much different from Oris' previous AQUIS dive watches, only the plate printed at 6 o'clock, with the word 5 DAYS denoting the power of 5 days to indicate the use of automatic movement. The new Oris 400 on the Universal movement model's AQUIS diving watch will not have 5 DAYS. We have put together a new watch for the AQUIS 400 diver and photos of the AQUIS universal movement, and you can see that the look is the same.

The new Oris AQUIS 400 diver's watch prints "5 DAYS" at 6 o'clock.

Oris AQUIS Diving Watch with a universal movement Please note that the 6 o'clock print on the dial differs from the new model and does not include "5 days".

  Looking behind the new AQUIS 400 diver's watch, there is a movement through the bottom, and you can see the new Oris 400's automatic movement. We can see that the Oris 400 automatic mechanical decoration is quite simple and plywood from the movement decoration. Most of them sandblasted. The Oris "Shield" logo is on the bare rotor. We can also clearly see the center pin of the auto rotor with a "clip." Simultaneously, we can see that the spring balancing movement is adjusted by "Speed needle," and the blue-violet silicon exhaust wheels and the pallet fork are still poorly visible. As for the typical finishing style of the Oris 400, I feel it is similar to the movement in the Tudor MT56 series.

In the new Oris AQUIS 400 diver's watch, the movement is transparent, and the silicon exhaust seen indistinctly.

  The new AQUIS 400 diver's watches can also equipped with a steel chain and belt. We can see iron chains with folding clips.

New Oris AQUIS 400 diving watch, steel chain, and folding clasp

  The new AQUIS 400 dive watch, Oris public price 24800 (band 23200), the general cost of the 24800 steel chain is much more expensive than the conventional movement model, the 43.5mm steel chain, the universal movement model, is priced at 15,500, although the public price of the dive watch. The new AQUIS 400 will skyrocket. But the performance and post-sales improvements of the new movement are also noticeable. The new AQUIS 400 24,800 diver's watch's general cost is the same as the Tudor Blue Bay diver's watch (slightly lower than the public Tudor Blue Bay price).


  The new Oris AQUIS 400 diving watch, 5-day power of the Oris 400 movement, 10-year warranty, and 10-year maintenance are the most significant advantages of this dive watch. The performance and after-sales service of the Oris 400 mechanism are evident in the famous regard with a cheap price.

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