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[ Mar 10th ]Rolex GMT Master Replica Watch Vs Real

Every year Rolex's new watches are born in speculation, it seems that this has become a pleasure. The big hit at Baselworld 2019 is the new blue-and-black bezel (Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master) because the news of the old model being discontinued was spread a few months ago, and the attention has been very high.

The new blue and black bezel is still stainless steel, and the movement is also equipped with a new generation of 3285 movements. The change is that the strap is replaced by a commemorative bracelet, which is the most popular five-bead chain last year.

The strap is more elegant than the three-bead strap, and it is not incompatible with the suit. Counter genuine may be hard to find. Please see our physical copy of Rolex 126710BLNR

Rolex GMT replica

Rolex GMT replica side

Rolex GMT replica back

Rolex GMT replica Strap

Next for your comparison, Real VS replica:

Real VS replica




The two unique blue-black ceramic bezels are almost identical. Our replica watches are made of burned paper, without splicing, authentic grade ceramic sub-rings, dazzling gloss, perfect texture, and have strong anti-scratch and anti-corrosion performance. They will not fade even when exposed to ultraviolet rays. A breakthrough in our technology and processes. Double-sided coated imported sapphire glass, high hardness, the anti-glare effect is almost the same as genuine.

Summary: The color scheme of the blue and black bezel is low-key but not dull, and it can be used in a wider range of daily collocations. Therefore, the Rolex GMT-Master blue and the black ring is also a best-selling model. The overall workmanship of this section of the GM factory is also superior. Of course, the only problem is the movement, but the price advantage is more obvious, and the stability of the movement is also very good.
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