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[ Mar 18th ]Rolex & Hublot & and Patek Philippe are closing sites until at least March 27

New strain of coronavirus (officially named COVID-19) has begun to enter the global pandemic phase. The epidemic situation is now growing like a snowball in Europe and the United States. The impact has been unprecedented. The luxury industry has received unprecedented shocks. Some brands have begun to close production lines. Rolex issued an open letter to employees, which stated that in order to protect the health and safety of employees, it was decided to temporarily close the factories in Geneva, Bienne and Crissier until March 27, 2020 (but this is only a preliminary estimate of the time to resume work, it is possible It will be postponed again.) Immediately after Rolex, Patek Philippe and Hublot also announced the temporary closure of production lines.

Patek Philippe decided to close all production facilities and close office activities at headquarters. The implementation time is from March 18, 2020, to March 27, 2020, and the original reopening date of March 27 may be re-evaluated according to the development of the epidemic.

Hublot's announcement is basically the same, and the content mentions that because the Swiss federal government recently announced stricter anti-epidemic measures to combat the new coronavirus epidemic, Hublot must also comply with government policies and maintain the same original intention: to protect employees And his family. Hublot stated that in order to prevent and protect the company's employees, they decided to make the first deployment: temporarily shut down the watch production line. A little different from Rolex and Patek Philippe, Hublot did not mention a clear time for the resumption of work, only that it was a temporary measure and will return to work as necessary.

It is expected that more brands will announce similar decisions before the epidemic subsides. According to internal staff, if the production is only temporarily stopped, it will not have much impact on the production plan of luxury watches because Switzerland also has an annual It is customary to leave factories in summer, but now it is difficult to say how long it will take, but for the sake of a longer-term future, of course, the brands now still take epidemic prevention as the first priority and wait until the epidemic situation is slowly controlled before actively catching up. Slow progress.
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