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[ Feb 05th ]The 10 Most Important Steps to Solving Swiss Rolex Replica

Swiss Rolex Replica founded not only to develop new watches but also to support watchmaking technology's continuous improvement. In 1935, Rolex realized that Oyster watches were tested and improved in a variety of settings. Be it sports, aviation, racing, or adventure. It is the perfect laboratory for testing the various technical features of watches.

Although Rolex was not founded in the early days (1905), many watch enthusiasts love it for its reliable quality, durability, and precision. Labor fans love to describe it as "work" forever. Why is Rolex so successful? I will present it today using this article.

1. Use expensive and complicated steel.

Precious metals, stainless steel, ceramics, mother-of-pearl, gems. The choice of material is an essential part of the process of making a great piece. Not to mention the Rolex multi-gold watch. The steel watch made of 904 steel instead of 912. The steel used in a regular Swiss watch is 316. The cost of the 904 is said to be about three times the cost of 316. Rolex became the first brand of watches to use 904L stainless steel in 1985. This corrosion-resistant superalloy gives off a dazzling light after being polished.

2. We have our laboratory.

Rolex has created a laboratory to develop new watches and support the continuous improvement of watchmaking technology. In 1935, Rolex realized that Oyster watches were tested and improved in a variety of settings. Be it sports, aviation, racing, or adventure. It is the perfect laboratory for testing the various technical features of watches.

In 1956, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) established. It is a world-class particle physics laboratory conducting cutting-edge scientific research to explore the mysteries of the universe. It also has the best energy particle accelerator in the world. In the 1950s, CERN was also one of the first institutions to show that Milgauss clocks could withstand magnetic flux densities of up to 1000 gauss.

3. All movements are assembled and tested manually.

(Rolex is assembled manually from movement to bracelet, except for procedures that are not suitable for manual assembly). Historically, watchmakers have issued chronometer certifications themselves, and this process is clearly at risk of fraud. Rolex has chosen to have the watch officially certified to ensure the clock's quality, regardless of cost or overtime. The permanent movement is well known for its performance in timekeeping. The trend is not only a work of art but also an extraordinary career in miniature. Combine different shapes, forms, volumes, colors, and surfaces. Some finishes are polished, while others meticulously rounded.

4. All precious metals are manufactured in-house.

Rolex carefully selects various materials for watches. The materials used for the sprints, gears, pinions, and multiple elements of each movement's case, belt, or surface are carefully selected and periodically re-evaluated to achieve their highest performance and aesthetic level. Rolex gold watches must be closely monitored for the extraordinary luster of the case and strap. (The supplier provides a small part of the steel, and all the gold, platinum, etc., is refined in our factory.)

5. It has advanced clockwork instruments.

Compared to other watch factories, Rolex has more sophisticated and advanced watch machines and adopts a watch philosophy: using devices and labor to the limit.

6. Stringent security measures.

Every Rolex watch is strict from manufacture, assembly to transportation, ensuring that the look strives for perfection from manufacture to delivery.

7. Strict requirements for diving watch testing.

Dive watches individually tested in a water pressure tank. The casing of all Rolex diving watches tested before and after packaging. The deep dive must pass a particular high-pressure test.

8. Have a dedicated gemologist.

Some gold Rolex watches set with diamonds. Yes, they are extremely strict in selecting diamonds and gemstones, and all gems are assembled by hand, not in bulk as the industry thinks.

9. Follow the strict production process.

Each Rolex takes approximately one year to manufacture (although annual production is 1 million or more, each Rolex produced according to a rigorous process, and there are no shortcuts.

10. Made by genuine Rolex.

Rolex replica included also rose.

Except for a few parts, such as the sapphire mirror and most Rolex Replica, all Rolex replica's essential functions have to be manufactured.

If other watch brands only make half of it, the ten points above can be considered very powerful. But the reason our Rolex replica is top-notch is that it can strive to be the best in every way.
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